“Robert Scoble is internet’s Roger Federer”

Author: Thomas Power, James Kirk

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Robert Scoble is a major player in the connected economy. He works as hard as any Grand Slam winner, as Thomas Power explains in this TV show.

Robert Scoble - Student of the internet

The reason I love Robert Scoble so much. I’m a former serious tennis player and I always think of the players in my time in the ‘70s and ‘80s who were the players of the moment for me – Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, Roscoe Tanner – and you know the modern day equivalent of those – the Roger Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray.

They’re the sort of modern version of what I remember as a kid, and I try and use those sort of top four guys online and think who are the top four guys online?  You know, who is the Roger Federer on the internet?

"A learning, networking, publishing, posting, sharing machine"

And that person is Robert Scoble because he works so incredibly hard, he studies so incredibly hard, he’s interviewed like three or four thousand people around the world, he goes to every conference he can, he networks, he reads, he interviews, it’s just relentless, he’s a learning machine, he’s a learning, networking, publishing, posting, sharing machine, like Roger Federer is at hitting that ball so beautifully at tennis and winning all those grand slams.

 He’s the grand slam winner online and when, with something new like Google Glass, which is you know like the Apple IIe in 1977, it’s right at the beginning of its birth, that product, and we don’t know what it’s going to be when we’re all loaded up with these face-mounted computers.

Google Glass

He just plays with it, you know, he puts on this thing and he has a photo. His wife Marion takes a photo of him in the shower wearing a face-mounted computer and then he posts it everywhere, on Facebook, on Twitter, Linked In, Google, just to see what people think.

And that photo went so viral, because you don’t associate wearing a facial computer with being in the shower, with water because, you know, it might be plugged in, even though it isn’t, but the battery and water and so on.

That photo really established him and Google Glass and, more importantly, face-mounted computers, which is new to us, as the king of social media in Business Week and Fortune and Forbes and Wall Street Journal and FT, you know.

This guy is so crazy, he’s the kind of social media.  And that desire to be totally open, totally random, totally supportive, on all the social platforms, with any technology, all the time, I really admire and respect because it’s … to me it’s just phenomenal.  And to do that for 100 hours a week, relentless, for what must be 20 years, to me that is a unique gift.

"I’d like to see mini Scobles everywhere."

And he probably has every ailment known to man, you know, getting in his way but he overcomes every ailment he has to just consume, learn and share, and I … I think if we had a world of consume, learn and share and teach, we’d be advancing much faster, much faster. I’d like to see mini Scobles everywhere.

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