Three pieces of career advice from Erik Brynjolfsson

Author: Erik Brynjolfsson, James Kirk (

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So I would give three pieces of advice to somebody who's starting their career.  The first one is to appreciate the importance of education, there's still a large gap, in fact a growing gap between those with more education and those with less education, in particular, look at learning those kinds of skills that machines can't do particularly well.  And those involve creativity and interpersonal skills and that dexterity that I talked about previously. The second piece of advice is not just to get educated, but to have a plan for continuous learning, because compared to the past, it's not going to be enough to simply go to university and then spend the next 40 years harvesting that investment. There's a real need for continuous learning, and continuous education, simply because machines continue to evolve faster than they did before.  So we're always going to have to be learning, and thinking of new things.  The world would be much more volatile going forward. And the third piece of advice, and this is probably something you hear in high school and college graduations all the time, is to follow your passion.  Let me give you an economist's argument for that.  The world for the future is increasingly a winner take all world where the very best in each area are the ones who dominate, and simply being average or even above average isn't worth very much.  Maybe it's worth nothing.  And that means you have to be passionate about whatever it is you're pursuing.  And I think it's hard to do that, hard to be the very best at something in the world, unless it's something that you really care about.  
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