“Turning browsers into buyers”

Author: Nick Cole

Categories: Customer Engagement, Marketing Strategy
Tags: SP Group
Nick Cole: “By and large, people have got less money to spend, so the reality is there is less, less people shopping regularly and they've got less money to spend, so the decisions that they have to make in store are harder for the consumer to make.

They need to have, for them, the right products in store and the right offering, but really when working with us it's being able to influence that consumer behaviour. One of the phrases we use at SP is 'being able to help our customers and our clients turn browsers into buyers.'

The reality is obviously the product and the offer needs to be right, but the way in which it's communicated needs to be very, very clear and concise. I think it needs to represent, particularly in retail and particularly in the large grocers, real value to the end user, so they need to be able to visualise the value to them, be it in it's either the cheapest or it's a better brand at an appropriate price."

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