Turning the customer into a person with data

Author: John Halpin

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Marketing Strategy
Tags: marketing database, Tesco Bank
John Halpin: “The big thing we’ve done is what I call building a marketing database.  It sounds relatively straightforward, it’s my remit and the job’s what I’ve been tasked to do.  You’d be, not surprised, but people would be surprised, a lot of organisations can’t actually do that and they fail.  They might spend millions of pounds failing to do it.  It’s the key achievements, it’s very different from operational databases and operational data stores.  It’s linking all this data, it’s joining a customer, turning it into people, turning the data into a person.  And ask that person, what products they have, how they interact, what loyalty factor they are.  You can even start to segment the database into high, medium and low value, these kind of things, you can model that database, building that database is one step which is a big achievement and then maintaining that database.  You know, as an organisation, you know, that’s constantly launching new products, each new product to me it’s got to go into the marketing database.  So you never really stop building this thing, it’s constantly getting built, as we interact and talk to customers.  We might need to store a contact history of that record, we’ll have to put that into the database.  We might then have to link that into potentially social media interactions, link it into call centres.  So can get bigger and bigger and bigger, but you’ve got to start off with the marketing database initially."
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