Turning the enterprise Outside-In

Author: Dan Hushon, James Kirk (

Categories: outside-in strategy
Oh, it's absolutely there, in fact it's a, really a part of everything that we're transforming to, from a CSC perspective.   You know, we are a glass cottage industry, we have a lot of IT outsourcing, that we actually do.  We have a lot of tradition application management.  All of these applications are coming forward now asking for new mobile edges, restful APIs, new integration strategies, better protection strategies and to be able to do it on cloud and other platforms, these disruptions that are out there are all being driven by consumers who are actually demanding these technologies and these  new integrations and new agile way of doing work.  And so for us, if you look at our technology transformation that we're operating within the company, all of the new offers that we're going to be delivering are going to be really focused on that third platform, that social, mobile, analytics, cyber cloud capability, smack, to really help our customers take that leap forward and really turn their intranet into an internet.  
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