UK innovation: we’re not quite world leaders

Author: John Kay, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Strategy
Tags: Amazon, Apple, Germany, Google, UK, US
In this TV show John Kay discusses UK innovation. He compares new business development here to what is happening in other countries'.

More UK innovation please

I don’t think we have lost the art of developing new businesses and there are lots of people in the small, medium size enterprise sector who are developing exciting new businesses. But I think our success in developing businesses with competitive advantages over the last two or three decades doesn’t compare very well with the United States on the one hand that has created really exciting businesses of the Apple, Amazon, Google type or with a country like Germany where a lot of quite long established power house businesses have gone on developing their businesses successfully in new markets. There are some British companies that have been successful in these kind of ways but not enough and we need to try and ensure there are more of them. Connected Economy TV will continue to look out for examples of UK innovation and will be following the surrounding discussion.
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