Understanding the future retail space

Author: Karolin Forsling

Categories: Customer Engagement, Marketing Strategy, Retail in Different Markets
Tags: AMF fastigheter, Mood
Karolin Forsling: "The first thing I think is what we do wrong in the property sector when we are developing retail is that we do what everyone else does, we don’t focus and understand the place that we’re actually going to be and develop.  That’s the first thing, because in Stockholm for example, 300 metres away it can be a totally different target group.  And you have to understand that it’s all about the block away and it’s totally different.  And what I think is important is the food, the restaurants, the eating, the meeting.  Now, we started with that when we developed Mood, to take the restaurant there and not only a restaurant, the best restaurant, who create different kind of atmosphere in different kind of zones.  And there we completed with shops around the restaurant and that makes us more interesting place to be, because it lives from the morning to the night."
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