‘Unfair advantage’ can be contributed to society

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An unfair advantage, if understood by the possessor, can be used to help society. In this TV show Julie Meyers discusses entrepreneurs contributing to the world.

Unfair advantage of entrepreneurs

If you play to your strengths you can figure out what your unfair advantage is. If you figure out what your unfair advantage is, you can figure out what your contribution to the world is. So, we should not allow people to be free riders on society to get off with just being net takers. Everybody should be asked to contribute to society and to be a net contributor. So, then if everybody is a net contributor, if we’re all independent, that’s when society works best because then everybody is making a contribution in different ways, but nobody is dependent and pulling. No, it’s true, some people will be, right, we have to take care of people who just can’t do that. But, you know, the people who can’t do the contribution is not 40% of society, that’s err, you know, that’s 7%, so it’s 13%, but it’s not 49% of society. And the model has to be we’re all here to make this a better place, right. And it has to be explicit, you come to this country, you come to this zone, you come to this company, you’re in this household. Whatever the system is you’re here to be a net contributor not a net taker. And you have to be independent so that you can be interdependent. And I just think that those principles need to be spelt out, they can’t be implicit. You can’t kind of hope that people kind of pick it up, you know, and rubbing shoulders with the coffee machine. You have to be really really explicit. And that’s why I think the, you know, organising society around the entrepreneur is actually a good way to think of it, because entrepreneurs get that. Because it hits them in the head every single week of their existence.

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