Utilizing siloed data

Author: John Halpin

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Marketing Strategy
Tags: marketing database, Tesco Bank
John Halpin: “It’s a problem but it’s an opportunity as well.  It’s always there.  It’s been in every organisation I’ve worked in, not just in financial services, but in retail services and other industries besides FS.  But in terms of siloed data, a senior manager in database marketing, you’ve got to understand.  You have to start somewhere.  I can’t grab everything and build it all in one and say, “You know, I’m the master of my own domain, I’ve got all the information.”  There’s always going to be a need for siloed data, in terms of an operational system a call centre.  A call centre and what they store, how a dialler system works and how they interact and talk to customers is very different from a marketing database.  An online social media data store and how that’s used and how people interact in social media is very different than a marketing database.  Where I come from, in that is not so much joining those systems, it’s joining that data.  So bringing that data in to maybe help me understand a mine of customers and look for any trends and behaviours.  But there’s always going to be a need for different data sources within an organisation.  The marketing database is separate and has separate keys for example.  But you do have to understand that.  This is what I say quite a lot to senior colleagues, marketing database, think of the words, marketing database.  So it’s about marketing and helping the customer, my remit’s not really to make sure that the dialler system works or the online  booking system works for example.  It’s about the marketing side of the data."
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