What is Shopper Marketing?

Author: Nick Cole

Categories: Marketing Strategy
Tags: SP Group
Nick Cole: “Shopper marketing is really about how you influence customers' behaviour, consumers' behaviour, turning browsers into buyers. So it's about the type of messages that you use, not actually how they look. So, for example, if you're selling something like chocolate it's not just about telling someone it's great chocolate. You might say it's 400 calories. You've earned your reward by saving 10% on your shopping. So it's understanding why people buy chocolate. It might be reward. It might be something for the kids. There might be a piece historically that's been in the newspaper that says it's actually good for you now.  It's having a campaign that's related not just to the product. It's actually what is in the psyche of the shopper.

I think the reality of shopper marketing is about understanding a) the product you're trying to sell and b) the consumers, and all consumers aren't the same, so, without being too much of a marketing geek, segmentation targeting and positioning is very much about finding your product, finding out who you're trying to sell it to and having personalised messages to the right segment that you're trying to actually offer that product to, then understanding their buying signals and their buying influences, and creating a marketing message that actually plays on those."

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