yBC’s Digital Agency operates alongside our industry engagement platforms and media channels, offering digital marketing consulting. yBC Digital Agency has two categories of clients. The first is enterprise level companies who are looking for digital marketing strategy, and content creation.

The second category of client are midmarket B2B firms and industry bodies, looking for highly efficient forms of digital marketing.

Our specialty is in accelerating results for our clients – be it visibility, connected-ness, sales or business development.

Digital Agency Capabilities

Business Television, Online Videos for business

We help our clients share their stories via online video. Video is an engaging way to communicate with almost anyone – and there is plenty of research to show that. Produced well, video can have signifcant to campaign open rates, engagement levels and conversion.

Making a great video is only part of the story.  We also help our clients manage their video library, and to distribute their videos intelligently on the web, social platforms and by email. We use state of the art video analytics to understand what audiences want to watch which ensures clients are always creating more of the “right stuff”.

Building industry channels

yBC specialises in building powerful industry channels to help clients and partners reach their business objectives faster.  The digital channels we create include plenty of high quality video, high impact graphics, well written briefings and use of the most up to date and effective digital and mobile platforms available. The goal is to build a unique network of allied organisations who can thereby achieve greater profile and reach than any could achieve alone.

Digital channels help you reach more people, engage more meaningfully with existing strategic partners, identify new partners, distribute your content far and wide, incorporate relevant third party content and get your message across.  Because we measure everything very closely, we can also see what’s working really well – in real time – to drive best possible results, including great ROI back to you.  In fact, our clients tell us that our digital channels cost significantly less than traditional marketing.

Rapid website development

There are still business leaders who think it takes six or seven figures and six months to develop a great new website.  It doesn’t.  We develop high impact websites for our clients to a very high spec, fast.  Sometimes multiple websites at once, in multiple languages.

All of our websites are built on WordPress, so they are flexible and make the best possible use of the latest technologies and apps.  With one in five websites globally being built on WordPress (including many for high profile, global brands), the development community is strong, meaning that you don’t have to invest in developing leading edge technology from scratch, and you can be sure the technology will “keep up” with the latest developments.

Business intelligence and insight

We give clients the ability to make sense of business data (often relating to communication, marketing or the social web) so that they can make the right decisions and get better results.  Call it business intelligence, market research, marketing analytics, social monitoring, data analysis – in fact, call it what you like.  It’s all of these things, and more.

We help clients look at data in ways which make sense, helps them to prosper and can be easily understood by others.  We help them to build marketing and communication strategies based on what the data reveals.  And then we measure the impact of any activity they roll out as a result.  This all brings a new level of intelligence and insight to the business, and boosts ROI.

Social/digital media

We help clients cut through the mystique of social media and get great results from their digital marketing.  We have excellent expertise in digital platforms, online communities and development of digital campaigns.

Most of our campaigns focus around video and involve third parties cleverly to reach vastly greater audiences than our clients could hope to reach alone.  We use the most appropriate digital platforms, including mobiles and smartphones where relevant, as well as the right social media to help “get it out there”.  As with all our work, we measure results closely and do everything we can to boost ROI.

For more information on our Digital Agency services, please get in touch

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