Helping industry bodies, business leaders and corporates adapt, collaborate and engage in the networked economy.

In 2017 the world stands three years into a revolution as significant as the industrial revolution or the information age.

Leading experts we’ve interviewed call this revolution by different names.  The Connected Economy. The Age of Context. Next Gen Consumerisation.

Whatever you call it, in this digitally networked age, fundamental business assumptions are being changed as the centre of gravity moves away from your firm and towards consumers outside your walls.

This is driven by technological factors like social media, the cloud, mobile, and the falling costs of powerful consumer technology generally (you can watch the “Outside-In” video we made with CSC’s Leading Edge Forum about this).

But is is also driven by social factors. Consumers and employees are increasingly tech savvy and connected. Gen Y became the largest part of the workforce in 2015.

Because information can be shared instantly and inexpensively on a global scale by individuals using cheap consumerised technology, the value of the centralised decision making and expensive bureaucracies is diminishing.

yBC helps industry bodies and leaders to adapt to a networked economy. To organise their networks of allies, customers and stakeholders in to an industry channel, and to collaborate with them in valuable ways.

Examples include:

  • An industry association wanting to educate an entire country about energy issues, and balance the energy debate
  • The research arm of a US$13Bn Technology Company wanting to engage Enterprise CXO’s
  • A publishing organisation to open up new revenue streams and modernise their publishing platforms.
  • A Business Improvement District in central London wanting to help its 560 member businesses be more successful
  • The owners of a global search consultancy to get the attention of C-level executives in an entire industry
  • A top 10 UK accounting firm to raise its profile in the market and strengthen relationships with a network of strategic partners
  • An industry leading global consultancy to align its communications in 26 countries, and a dozen languages for some 50 consultants worldwide, and build a community of prospects.
  • A successful niche consulting firm to digitise its systems, generate more engagement with its prospects, and grow its business.
  • A firm of highly respected futurists to raise the impact of their communications, and publish to a far wider community with greater impact.
  • A niche publisher to transform its publishing platforms and secure its subscriber base.
  • A successful international trainer to train thousands more people using the latest formats and technologies
  • A Harley Street nutrition practitioner and author to utilize technologies to help her enterprise clients to deliver a healthier workplace.

Why is this important?

The business world, and especially marketing, is shifting from traditional hierarchical approaches to networked approaches.

Studies show that businesses which take a networked approach will be more successful on multiple fronts.

Our data proves that building industry channels works better, and the ROI can be amazing.

  • Email click & open rates
  • Social campaign reach
  • Brand building
  • Engagement levels
  • List building and campaigns
  • Business development & Sales
  • Cost savings

In some industries we work in, we were approached precisely because our clients were already coming under pressure from smaller, more nimble organizations who naturally adopt these networked approaches.

It’s definitely coming to your industry, and the longer you leave it to organise your industry networks and build relationships, the harder it will be down the track.

What does this look like?

You can review examples of our industry channels. Typically we:

  • Help our clients collaborate with other industry leaders
  • Develop high impact digital communications – especially video
  • Build strong networks of partners and allies to extend reach
  • Develop and maintain clever and low cost digital assets including websites
  • Build social networks
  • Deliver digital marketing campaigns
  • Measure everything very closely – especially growth of networks and engagement
  • Deliver excellent ROI
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