7 years <-> 130 episodes

Bingeable Leadership and performance series redefines expectations of corporate content

In search of the elusive secrets of leadership

Seven years of probing interviews with leaders in sport, business, academia, military and politics.

Since 2014, together with our client Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd, yBC.tv has been building up a unique body of content about leadership and elite performance culture.  Currently numbering more than 130 candid, in-depth interviews with high achieving leaders, we have filmed and transcribed their perspectives and their stories, and we’ve asked them to identify the drivers of their success.

These are not just average leaders doing a fairly good job.  They are amongst the highest achievers in their respective fields.  Olympians, World Cup winners, high-octane Formula 1 executives, surgeons, jet pilots, bestselling authors, acclaimed academics, celebrated politicians and many more.  Undisputed performers with a track record.

Delivered via the Brilliant Minds digital series, we’ve been sharing their perspectives with an audience of thousands of executives throughout Europe for seven years.  The series has achieved very high engagement levels and positive feedback.

It is not often you see something genuinely unique in corporate content marketing.

We believe our seven year running, 130 episode Brilliant Minds Leadership & Performance series is precisely that.

With 1,300+ video clips from interviews with 132 celebrities, sports stars, politicians and industry experts, Brilliant Minds is a unique, multi-episode content series which has achieved spectacular engagement with a high end leadership audience in the United Kingdom since it’s inception in 2014.

“I’m humbled when I think about who we’ve managed to capture on Brilliant Minds.” Harvey Thorneycroft, MD.

We looked to the best in class - TV Politics, Sports and Netflix - to create 'bingeable edutainment'

The payoff of long form, multi-episodic content

With Brilliant Minds we proved that sharing watchable, rare content is the key to loyal viewership.

By behaving more like a media company, and becoming a destination for bingeable content you build trust and relevance – two keys to sales performance.

In order to build brand affinity – and therefore create a well-loved, notable brand – businesses should create binge-worthy, long-form content that adds value to viewers’ lives and doesn’t just push them towards the next stage in the funnel.

In case you are wondering, we didn’t pay any of our stars. They collaborated on video content thanks to synergies we identified. Having a big star or two like David Coulthard or Sir Clive Woodward certainly helps, but within their industries, many businesses can pull together really impressive independent influencers if they put their minds to it. 

Apart from building a loyal audience of 3,000+ UK business executives, the main benefit of the series to our client was the expanded profile from taking content from numerous real world events, to a bi-weekly format.  This put them front of mind with their most valuable contacts and potential clients.

They became “the Brilliant Minds people”. Say no more. No one else has this X-Factor. And that really differentiates them in the market.

TV ready stars like Lawrence Dallaglio and Ed Balls help meet consumer expectations for corporate content