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A dozen more Brilliant Minds join the channel

Last week, the teams from yBC and Harvey Thorneycroft Limited came together once again for two days of concentrated filming in London.  Over a dozen new people joined as interviewees/commentators on the rapidly expanding Brilliant Minds channel. Amongst them, Lord Seb Coe, well known British politician and former track and field athlete. As a middle-distance
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Video Briefing – After the hype has died down

In the last couple of years everyone has been talking about sci-fi style tech such as virtual reality, self driving cars and AI… but what are they talking about in 2019 now the hype has died down? Harvey Thorneycroft and Mark Sinclair are joined by 6 Brilliant Minds tech experts and business leaders to explore
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Since 2005, yBC has been helping clients to be more relevant and trusted with the people who matter most to them.

Relevance and trust are key to building great business relationships.  We’ve helped clients in just about every industry to build longer lasting, meaningful relationships with people, and measure success in real time.  Whether for their internal audiences, high value prospects, franchisees or members, existing customers or other stakeholder groups, we’ve had some resounding successes.

We put this down to three things.

Right people / wrong place:

Our team – currently 18 people – brings together a fine blend of experience and expertise.  We hire the “right people in the wrong place” and use virtual business structures to ensure that we can deliver superb outcomes for clients, every time.  We serve you from multiple timezones and there are no fancy offices to fund.

Access the best ideas from other industries:

The key to our agile methodology is that we bring the latest techniques, ideas and tools from companies beyond your industry, so that you are can leapfrog your competitive set and cut through the noise.

The wow factor:

We often get feedback that we exceed expectations.  So you’ll experience the highest quality production standards, methodology and delivery – resulting in the “wow factor”.

“Business as usual” is not an option: business people are consumers in their private lives, and so the standards being set by the worlds biggest, most successful consumer brands are the new “level” you must hit.  In many cases you only get one chance to get it right.