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When “business as usual” no longer works … ReThink Launch Show

Over the last 10 years, we’ve produced 100s of editorial style tv shows exploring the worlds of finance, high performance, business and tech. Now our new series yBC ReThink features people who are leaping ahead of their peers, forging new pathways for the industry they are in, or even for all industries. ReThink helps their
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Can investors fix the world? And why is it taking so long?

In a recent interview with London Financial media, Michael Sieg, CEO of ThomasLLoyd and pioneer of renewable energy investing in Asia, stated that investing in European renewables is like “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”. The climate battle will be won in countries like India and China but ” … the good part of the
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Can asset managers save the world


Since 2005, yBC has been helping clients to be more relevant and trusted with the people who matter most to them.

Relevance and trust are key to building great business relationships.  We’ve helped clients in just about every industry to build longer lasting, meaningful relationships with people, and measure success in real time.  Whether for their internal audiences, high value prospects, franchisees or members, existing customers or other stakeholder groups, we’ve had some resounding successes.

Our focus has been to deliver solutions at the convergence of strategy, communications and digital.  We’ve done so for clients all over the world, with a team which is also geographically diverse.

We put our successes down to three things.

Right people / wrong place:

Our team – which in early 2020 comprises 18 people – brings together a fine blend of experience and expertise.  Since the early “naughties” we’ve hired the “right people in the wrong place” and use virtual business structures to ensure that we can deliver superb outcomes for clients, every time.  We serve you from multiple timezones and there are no fancy offices to fund.  Our longest standing team members have been working at a distance (from each other, and clients) for over 20 years.

Access the best ideas from other industries:

The key to our agile methodology is that we bring the latest techniques, ideas and tools from companies beyond your industry, so that you are can leapfrog your competitive set and cut through the noise.  We do this via our client base, and our ever evolving research, so that we can put you right at the leading edge of communications platforms and methodologies.

The wow factor:

We often get feedback that we exceed expectations.  So you’ll experience the highest quality production standards, methodology and delivery – resulting in the “wow factor”.

In a world which has been upended by Covid-19, “business as usual” is clearly not an option.  In truth, it has been this way even before the pandemic: business people are consumers in their private lives, and so the standards being set by the worlds biggest, most successful consumer brands are the new “level” you must hit.  In many cases you only get one chance to get it right.