A new wave of 3-D animation

We were briefed to create an explainer video which would be head and shoulders above anything the competition was doing. Our client, Praemium Group, provided us with the core information which should be included in the explainer but asked us to develop both a concept and a detailed script to achieve something which their peers were not currently doing. They really wanted to stand out.

Our solution was to look at the latest trends in 3-D animation and come up with a concept which is something that the industry has not seen before.  The team worked on this for some time, looking at the latest shifts in technology, and also reviewing what the most innovative communicators in various industries have been doing.

The resulting video is carefully conceived, superbly designed, animated using the latest available technologies, with the result that it truly does “pop” when you watch it.  This feels more like something you’d expect from a creative industry, rather than from the traditional, more conservative approach you’d expect from this industry.

The video is below – judge for yourself – but our client is absolutely thrilled with the outcome.