Brace yourself for the mind-smash that is “deepfake”

If you’re not already thinking about deepfake and how it might impact your industry, it’s time to do so. The phenomenon describes the situation where new technology including AI allows people to quickly and easily create videos which appear real (but aren’t) and make it look like a well known person has said something on camera – when actually they have not.

There are plenty of examples surfacing daily.  Most recently:

Listen to Bill Gates convincingly saying something which has been generated by technology.
Use a platform to type words and immediately have someone (recognisable) say them.
– Enter the world of very realistic VR avatars.

The list goes on.

What’s rather worrying is that anyone with malicious intent and access to this technology can create something quite convincing, and it’s quite likely that you won’t know that it’s fake. In fact, experts are currently losing the race to develop technology to combat deepfake.

All the more reason to keep at least one eye on this development, and to question everything online!