CEO of Gartner rated Software Innovator on results of yBC video and new website

According to Dr. Hofmann, former VP Research at SAP Labs, “Saffron is the market leader in Associative Memories, having been named one of the top 5 Cool Vendors in Enterprise Information Management by Gartner, Inc., highlighted by Forrester Research, Inc. in The Dawning of the Age of BI DBMS, and recently listed by JMP Securities as among 100 Private Movers and Shakers in Big Data and Business Intelligence Space”. Saffron selected yourBusinesschannel to develop a new website and act as outsourced marketing department.

So it kind of seems obvious now to me. Again, I’m not a marketing person but with yourBusinessChannel expertise, you know, video is the modern white paper. That’s obvious, but the results too are coming back to us. What simply every single person, on a new introduction to a customer or partner, when they go out to a website and they, they get it, and, and, I’ve gotten nothing but congratulations – congratulations, for the website. And, and increasingly it’s become, so compelling, using video that, people are saying “And I’ve read every single thing, I’ve looked, I’ve devoured your site one after another.

Just because I think that medium is so, one, compelling, it’s more visual, it’s more natural, for people to absorb. But then the packaging of, of these, of these, vignettes and the ability to go through them, as you will, but it’s maybe like a good book now. You can’t put it down either.

So increasingly people are just scrubbing our entire site before they call us, so that’s just a great satisfaction and, and thanks to James and Mark at yourBusinessChannel.

Manny Aparicio, CEO, Saffron Technology.