Digital Chef TV

Digital Chef stirs up consumer technology

yBC works with CSC’s Leading Edge Forum to produce Jamie Oliver style TV shows about consumer technology. Lewis Richards, “The Digital Chef” runs Xperience Lab programmes to bring innovation and experience to enterprise.

LEF wanted to be able to open up elements of this incredible programme – which provides opportunities for haptic, hands on learning with new technologies – to a wider audience. And so the idea for Digital Chef TV emerged.

yBC were asked to help create entertaining video content that could demonstrate the possible uses of emerging technologies to a digital audience.

Digital Chef brings Tech-based recipes

Creating fun and engaging videos for a business audience is a challenge yBC is familiar with. Previous projects with LEF and Superstars, among others, have required creative thinking.

For this project yBC produced several cooking demonstration style shows, each covering a different ‘recipe’ in which consumer technologies are the ingredients. Each show demonstrates, in under five minutes, something impressive, achievable, and potentially applicable to business.

One show, published just before Christmas, challenged viewers to have a go at using Twitter to control Christmas tree lights using just one internet enabled plug and a clever website.

The chef demonstrating these tech-based recipes, is LEF researcher and member of the Xperience labs team, Lewis Richards.

Lewis explains why it is useful for business to understand the Internet of Things:

“I think there’s value saved in the business simply by being able to push back against vendors and suppliers because you’ve got a better understanding of the world we live in and I think that’s, that’s a tacit learning, a digital skill that you develop within the Xperience Lab, you get better at understanding the world but critiquing and evaluating technologies and systems.”

yBC is looking forward to continuing to work with LEF on creative video projects.