Digital Leadership Videos

Digital Leadership videos explore strategies for era of disruptive change

yBC produces two animated Digital Leadership videos for CSC’s Leading Edge Forum.

Today, CSC’s Leading Edge Forum is hosting another Executive Forum for business and IT leaders in London focusing on Digital Leadership in an era of disruptive change. To coincide with the Forum yBC produced two animated Digital Leadership videos which will be played at the event. yBC is also interviewing extensively at the event following our work at the earlier Washington Forum in May.


Digital Leadership videos explore business context.

As usual we collaborated closely with the team at LEF to produce two new animated Digital Leadership videos.

The Digital Leadership videos explore both the business context of vertical Digital Disruptions as well as the nature of Digital Leadership.

Of course in today’s economy, almost every organisation is building digital into its strategy.

But LEF’s research shows that superficial changes like simply parachuting in a digital director won’t make you into a genuine digital player .

The Digital Leadership videos explain how true digital leadership requires four fundamental shifts – starting with all your executives.

The videos include a fascinating study by LEF into the 50 most important disruptors of all time. They all made their big breakthrough by age 32. And they all spent significant time in Northern California.

While injecting Silicon Valley DNA into your firm is not simple, the study proves that it is a critical element to becoming a digital leader.

You need young executives who get the digital context.

And existing executives will need to develop these skills or be replaced.

Another key idea is that Technology used to be solely IT’s job.

But in the digital economy, digital is everyone’s job

So employees need both business skills and digital skills.

Finally Digital Leadership also extends beyond the walls of the firm.

Customers and agile suppliers are also an abundant source of digital leadership and may move much faster than large enterprises.

So you need the right engagement platforms to co-create, collaborate and take advantage of all the fast moving tech innovations happening in the world.