Feel the force – Star Wars film production technology for corporate clients

For many months, we’ve been working with our team to plan and test new studio technology which has only recently hit the market. This week, we’ve introduced it to a key client in Switzerland for a crucial project.

The most recent Star Wars film, “The Mandalorian”, used groundbreaking studio technology to create numerous complex and believable scenes, inside a standard film studio kitted out with high end technology. This advanced and exciting film production methodology involves groundbreaking technology which enables the production team to place an actor anywhere in the world – or indeed the universe – mixing real actors with digital scenes.

The technology is now available to the yBC team and, by extension, all of our clients.

Using this tech and methodology, we can take the viewer on an emotional and physical journey which places then right at the heart of the story our client needs to tell. It’s like the viewer is being transported directly into a scene. The high end studio environment means that we can literally transport our clients, and their viewers, anywhere in the universe.