Global consultancy firm adds world class experts

PA Consulting is a top tier brand with an impressive global footprint and significant client projects in both the private and public sectors.  To remain competitive and current, the firm delivers training and support to its partners and employees globally via a sophisticated training portal, called The Academy.  The yBC team helped significantly with this in 2018.  Watch the video below.

Having seen the Brilliant Minds briefings, the PA team decided that they wanted to add content from world class experts, to add depth and increase engagement. A licence agreement was signed, and yBC got to work helping PA.

We pulled together a library of top flight content for the PA team to choose from, focussing on the topics which closely mirror their training and development priorities for the year.

High impact promotional videos throughout their building in London helped to launch this new content, and colleagues further afield were sent links to the videos.   There were also posters and promotional emails produced.

The team can now themselves identify, choose and playlist from a library of nearly 1,000 video clips.  This means that they can reinforce training, development and internal messaging by including relevant clips from world class experts.  The briefing clips are short, punchy and produced to very high standards.

We are a few weeks post launch, but the feedback so far has been excellent and engagement levels are looking very promising.