Leveraging “The Matrix” for DC launch event

A lifetime of TV means today’s business leaders are sophisticated media consumers for whom being entertained is second nature. We don’t want to be bored, lectured or told what to think.

So it’s always worth exploring creative ways to tell your story to better connect with your audience. Our client, LEF, saw an opportunity to remake the 1999 Sci-Fi classic, The Matrix for a video aimed at the worlds Enterprise CTOs and CIOs.

LEF noticed how our new digital infrastructure also reflects some of the predictions of the film. The digital world is becoming pervasive, ever-smarter and even self-aware. Machine intelligences automatically work with each other without human involvement.

What we needed to do was create a tie-in to the film, helping to tell a story from familiar reference points, without being too cheesy. To do that we deployed modern animation power on a corporate video style budget.

The film was produced in a two week timeframe from scripting to delivery due to a key event being held in Washington DC.  Our client wanted this to be a signature hero video – something which would get its members really talking – and by all accounts the video has hit the mark.

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