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20 new WordPress corporate websites for Horwath HTL

Horwath HTL, which is a part of Crowe Horwath International, one of the top ten global accounting networks, commissioned yBC to develop 20 new WordPress corporate websites for their new international office network.

The main corporate wordpress website went live in time for the International Hotel Investment Forum – the leading industry event in Berlin in early March 2013

We decided to use the WordPress platform because it has easily the best combination that addressed our key considerations. We needed a platform that was flexible, easy to customise, supported the latest apps and social media delivery, easy to manage, edit and update and was web based. We also felt it was important to move away from fully built HTML solutions that are expensive and inflexible. To us, WordPress represents the future of cost effective customer engagement platforms for time and resource challenged organisations.
James Chappell, Horwath HTL, Global Marketing Director.

wordpress corporate websites htl.Horwath HTL who are the world’s largest consulting organisation specialising in the hospitality industry, commissioned yBC to create customised websites to replace the ones they are currently using. Horwath HTL provides a wide range of financial services for the hospitality sector, including due diligence, raising funds, and the sale of assets.

They play a role as an independent consultant throughout the lifecycle of hotel and leisure sector properties.

Due to the nature of their business, office websites need to be customised for the local market, including multi-lingual support in many cases.

WordPress corporate websites to enhance online brand and reputation.

We’ve developed nearly 50 wordpress corporate websites in the past 12 months as clients see the financial benefits of leveraging the powerful WordPress platform together with our custom designs and video functionality.
Mark Sinclair, yBC.

The new wordpress corporate websites will provide Horwath HTL with an online presence which rivals their brand and reputation.

The multi site network is built on open source WordPress platform, noted for its powerful features and content management system. Each office site shares the underlying design and functionality, yet can be completely localised including services, people and language.

This allows Horwath HTL to have websites mirroring the scale and features of the principal website for all their regional offices spread around the world.

The office websites are still under development, but getting closer to being launched with the clients approval.