yBC launches significant training platform for AXA

The yBC team (under the FinPix brand) has this year delivered a world class, cloud based, fully bespoke training platform which is now being used by AXA IM (part of the AXA group). The platform enables key stakeholders to deliver accredited CPD training to independent financial advisers across the UK and Italy, with the ability for AXA to roll the training out seamlessly in dozens of other languages. Initially, there are four major learning modules, but the platform has been designed to be scalable and fully flexible for the future.

The training modules sit on core yBC technology which has been developed to allow the team to deploy similar projects to clients eslewhere in the asset management industry and further afield. The AXA platform has been rolled out via the Finpix brand (as part of Last Word Media’s overall offering to its clients) and is now being offered more widely to other clients.

yBC’s James Kirk, who heads up production and digital stragegy, says that it is the “consumerisation of previously inaccessible platforms which enables companies like AXA to roll out platforms which evolve with their needs and in tune with market changes.”