A platform which chooses the most relevant content for the reader

We were approached by Praemium Group to develop a platform to help them assist intermediaries and clients in the choice of their products. While this sounds straightforward, the real problem was that a fair amount of explanation is usually required to give people sufficient information to make their choice. And it’s clear that people have short attention spans.

We looked at this closely. Our solution was to develop a platform which asks the user a handful of questions and then serves them up the content most relevant to them. In doing so, it enables them to quickly digest information which is relevant to them and then go on to make an informed investment decision.

We designed the architecture for the platform and then the graphic elements and content before putting it all together for our client. The end result is a platform which is intuitive, simple, and effective in helping end users to get to the information they truly need.

We have since gone on to offer similar technology to clients both within financial services and also in other industries.