Branson: Space Cadet or Dreamer?

Branson chats with entrepreneur and Business 2012 founder Vishal Misal

Actually, both!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Branson last week in a private suite at the delightfully trendy Haymarket Hotel in Central London. Not surprisingly, he’s a very interesting man to spend time with. Hugely successful, known for breaking the rules and shaking up industries: he’s the ultimate entrepreneurial success story.

He’s also a very likable chap who has the Midas touch when it comes to attracting and motivating very capable business people to work in his numerous businesses.

On his blog, he describes himself as “the smiley man with the beard”. A very accurate description.

Keep an eye out for a few short clips of Branson wisdom from this interview. Well worth a watch.

This interview was conducted in preparation for our involvement with the Business 2012 event.  Skip here for more information.