The day we shot a CEO in a hidden temple

It was one of the more unique, unexpected and dramatic locations for any shoot we’ve undertaken anywhere in the world.  When the Director of Marketing for Andaz Liverpool Street opened the doors on the room simply described as “the Temple”, all of our expectations were immediately surpassed.

Steve Gilroy in the shadows of the Masonic Temple

When the hotel was renovated some 10 years ago, the contractors were knocking through a wall to change the shape of one of the function rooms, and stumbled upon a real treasure.  A masonic temple, completely preserved after being sealed up in the 1930s, and not shown anywhere on any existing plans of the hotel.   The find was a complete surprise, and has become a secret jewel in the crown of a fabulous hotel which is right beside Liverpool Street Station in the City of London.

The Temple has an incredible atmosphere.  It is exquisitely decorated, very well preserved and clearly holds plenty of secrets.  Unfortunately, we can’t claim to be the first team to have a shot a video there.  Lady Gaga got there before us, as have numerous other celebrities.

In any case, we were delighted to shoot an interview there with Steve Gilroy, CEO of Vistage UK.  Steve heads up an organisation which brings together 600 CEOs around the UK, and is part of a wider network of thousands of CEOs globally.  What Steve doesn’t know about leadership of mid market and SME firms, is probably know worth knowing.  You’ll see his material soon on