Bulk Animation Product explains AXA World Funds

“What’s possible” with animation is continuing to evolve, but the latest super creative explainer can be expensive and slow to deliver, when your story telling needs are broad and immediate.

So we’ve invented a media-style approach to create animated content in bulk – so that clients can rapidly feed and develop their audience. By investing in 30 mins of animation in bulk, and establishing your story telling language at the outset, your marketing team can then quickly create new 1-3 min videos to explain and sell products across business lines and regions, without having to start from scratch. Each minute of animation simply counts against the total minutes purchased in bulk.

By way of example, we’ve delivered a project to AXA Investment Managers, producing a suite of eight x 3min videos for a very acceptable budget. We planned, scripted and produced these in three batches, and then we’ve gone on to do multilingual versions.