Can asset managers save the world

Can investors fix the world? And why is it taking so long?

In a recent interview with London Financial media, Michael Sieg, CEO of ThomasLLoyd and pioneer of renewable energy investing in Asia, stated that investing in European renewables is like “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”.

The climate battle will be won in countries like India and China but ” … the good part of the story is the technological solutions do exist.”

So if investment in emerging market renewables and tech can save the world, why is it taking so long?

yBC worked with ThomasLloyd to develop a hero video when Sieg first launched ThomasLloyd’s Energy Impact Trust on the London Stock Exchange – setting out why Asset Managers should urgently consider allocating funds to sustainable energy projects in Asia.

With over 100 trillion US dollars of assets under management (AUM) globally, Asset Managers control more levers for change than any other industry … can they “fix the world”? yBC’s editorial team is hard at work on a new ReThink series. ReThink : Investing will focus, as the name suggests, on the world of investment. Can the investment community, which has previously focussed largely on the quantum and reliability of returns for investors, now truly factor in real and effective ESG considerations? Taking this a step further, is it possible that the investment community can be a driver of the change the world needs to see?