Disruptive thinking in Washington DC

Thought leaders from the leading edge present CIO’s with sharp thinking on business disruption and technology.

LEF Washington Forum

CSC’s Leading Edge Forum (LEF) held its latest executive forum ‘Building your Firm from the Outside-In’ in Washington DC this month. Sixty of the top CIOs in the US sat together within view of the White House to hear presentations on how business disruption and technology developments will affect their businesses.

Speakers included researchers from LEF, CSC board member Eric Brynjolfsson, and UK government CTO Liam Maxwell who spoke about how the UK government has evolved its IT in an attempt to put their users (all UK citizens) first.

LEF, the research arm of CSC, specialises in studying the ways that business leaders must constantly evolve their strategies as new technology is developed and used in new and innovative ways. yBC made the trip to Washington DC to hear these incredibly insightful speakers. We interviewed them about business disruption and technology, and will be releasing clips from these interviews as part of our Connected Economy series shortly.