Outside-In forces disrupting business (video)

CSC’s thought leadership division LEF is encouraging business leaders to let innovation from outside-in to their business model

CSC is a US$13Bn company that provides technology-enabled business solutions and services to clients across 70 countries. CSC’s Let It In campaign encourages business leaders to think “Outside-In,” and look outside their own business, even outside their own industry, to find new resources and innovation and use it to their advantage.

As part of this project CSC‘s technology thought leadership division LEF asked yBC to put together a short video explaining what CEO’s and CIO’s need to do move from a reliance on internal capabilities to a new Outside-In business model. We created a 2min 30 animated video for LEF to illustrate, in a clear and engaging way, how this shift in ideas came about and what steps leaders need to take to move forward. Our video is now live on the CSC Let It In page and can be viewed above.