Capturing the heart of stories around values

Global financial services giant Prudential PLC has a corporate presence in most major markets and some 24,000 employees around the globe. So, when the company undertakes an initiative to reinforce the key values of the business and help to develop the company culture, it’s a serious undertaking.

We were sent to Vietnam to help capture the story of an employee who, in the face of adversity, had bounced back with the help of colleagues at the company. The interview was conducted in Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City, directed by one of our core team members on location and then transcribed locally before being edited back in Europe. Over the following few weeks, we pieced together and refined the story of this employee’s difficult journey, and documented the very positive outcome which she was ultimately able to achieve for herself.

Our clients and wider management at Prudential have been delighted with the quality of the resulting video and we’re looking forward to further projects with Prudential.