Core yBC team hits 18 people globally

Five of yBC’s 18 core team members are based in Budapest

With significant growth throughout 2017 and 2018, yBC heads into 2019 with a core team of 18 people. This is the largest the core team has been since yBC was founded in 2005. Team members are based throughout the UK and New Zealand, and also in Budapest, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Singapore and much further afield.

Those who have worked closely with yBC will know that we dispensed with a centralised team model well over 10 years ago. Since 2007, yBC has been recruiting core colleagues following the “right person, wrong place” policy – which means that it has become less relevant that they sit together – and more relevant that they collaborate frequently and using the best possible tools.

Co-Founder Mark Sinclair explains: “The team works on a digital back-end platform which enables everyone to communicate, share, collaborate and log their work in real time. I’m fairly certain that we actually have more accurate information about what everyone in the business is doing, than if we have tried to cram everyone into the same room. And in any case I wouldn’t want to spend my day with them all!!” Mark says that the decision to not have phsysical premises has not only enabled yBC to chase down the best talent in each key area, but it has led to “significant and tangible cost savings” which are passed back directly to clients.

Where further expertise or manpower is required outside of the core team, yBC calls on a select group of contractors, many of whom have worked with yBC for well over a decade. “We’re well set up for scalability and success”, says Mark.