Content Clever tour 2017: UK, Middle East and Asia

Dubai was one of four key international locations for the tour

This Autumn, the yBC team once again prepared high octane presentations to update senior people in sales and marketing roles throughout the Asset Management industry. Labelled “Content Clever” – the series of briefing presentations aimed to update Fund Groups on the latest modes of communicating with their key audiences, and getting tangible results. Mark (representing the FinPix brand) spoke alongside two colleauges from Last Word Media – a business regarded as one of the top three publishers to the asset management industry globally.

In London, the trio presented in the Barbican Centre, where the yBC/FinPix team’s work was shown on a full sized silver screen with Dolby surround sound. In both Hong Kong and Singapore, the team presented to packed audiences in rooftop venues in the CBD, whilst in Dubai, the briefing was given at the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Delegates were invited to hear about the latest campaigns, communications tools, digital platforms and peformance metrics. They had a chance to try out VR first hand. And there was plenty of time for networking and Q&A, and it was clear that most innovative companies in the industry are looking to use new digital technologies to reach more people with impact.

The Content Clever briefing series is an annual event run by Last Word Media, including the FinPix digital team (which comprises much of the yBC team).