Engagement platforms receive increased traffic

yBC reports significant improvement in traffic across engagement platforms for professional services client.

yBC was able to demonstrate marked increases when a specialist professional services firm that it had been working with asked yBC to report back with the impact of work done to improve the firms engagement platforms.

One of the key measures was traffic to the firm’s websites and yBC has reported significant increases on all measures across all the websites. On two focus websites the number of unique visitors rose by 85.05% and 88.46% compared with the same three month period in 2013. Similarly page views went up by 64.65% and 58.86% respectively. The percentage of new visitors rose on average 11.3% on the two sites. A third website for the same firm, which yBC took over responsibility for earlier this year, has had 2771 page views over 10 weeks and has seen visitors remain on the site for an average stay of 1m45s.

On top of this there has been significant growth over the last three years on key social platforms, especially when compared to direct competitors. A key activity has been sending out regular video briefings on industry issues, and featuring industry personalities and brands. Rather than pushing sales messages, the briefings seek to share valuable information and keep the consultancy front of mind in the industry. Open rates for outbound newsletters and briefings sent on behalf of the firm to professionals in the industry were on average 27.4%, which is almost double the industry average of 13.9%. The briefings are extremely popular on mobile devices.

The original brief from the client when yBC started working with the firm on campaigns about three years ago was to work consistently to ensure that the firm was front of mind with its target market within its industry. These results show that yBC has been able to achieve that, boost its engagement platforms, get the firm a great profile, and make sure that it is getting the maximum value out of its digital assets.


  • 23,000 video views on online channel
  • 792 unique page views on new site
  • Total Twitter followers 16705
  • Website page views up 64.65%
  • Email open rates 2x industry average