It’s not rocket science, but it is

yBC is helping fast growing technology company Rocket Fuel attract top talent to the business with a series of key talent attraction videos.

Rocket Fuel is looking to attract top talent to strengthen its core team and help the company continue to develop and deliver sophisticated marketing technology solutions.

Rocket Fuel was founded in 2008 and is now one one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world with offices in 20 countries. It specialises in working with Big Data and artificial intelligence. Rocket Fuel’s technology solutions are used by 500 of the worlds leading brands. The company also works in thought leadership for marketing and digital publishing.

yBC has been asked to produce a series of talent attraction videos for Rocket Fuel, which has involved shoots in London and Hamburg, as well as the use of specials slow motion and steady-cam equipment. yBC has filmed around the Rocket Fuel offices and spoken to dozens of employees to find out what they think about working for Rocket Fuel. The aim is to produce videos that will offer potential employees an insight into the company, help attract top talent, and showcase the company’s fast paced, competitive and innovative characteristics.