You’re reading this page because you are going to be interviewed for a yBC interview (including ReThink shows). Please read the following carefully so that you can be well prepared for the interview.

We also have an FAQ page about Rethink TV, an FAQ page about yBC Symposium format, and our Terms of Interview which apply to all interview formats.

Below you will find:

  • Confirming the mode of interview
  • Details – onsite shoot
  • Details – remote interview (video or audio)
  • Details – self shoot
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Our Terms of Interview (at the foot of this page) – please read closely as they apply to you once you interview with us.

Confirming the mode of interview

There are three key modes of interview we conduct. Which applies to you depends on which series you are taking part in, where you are located, how many other people we are interviewing in the same location at the same time, what equipment you might have and when the interview is taking place.

It’s important that we clarify with you which of the following modes we will use. Please read through each brief description.

Details – onsite shoot

If we are conducting an onsite shoot (with full camera, lighting and sound setup), we will likely be interviewing you with other people. We refer to these as “shooting days”.

  • You will have the date, time and location confirmed.
  • We will send you details ahead of the shoot, but very little preparation is required.
  • If the shoot is at your premises, we’d ask you (or your team) to confirm any health and safety requirements in advance. If it is at a premises we have organised, we’ll take care of that.
  • We provide all of our own equipment.

Details – remote interview (video or audio)

Of course, many interviews are now being conducted remotely. We’ll discuss with you which platform will work best.

  • Either we’ll conduct a video interview or an audio interview
  • Either way, you are best to use small headphones or air buds for audio at your end.
  • Please let us know if you have any enhanced microphone equipment.
  • Otherwise, we’ll send you a link to the platform we’re using (this can include Zoom).
  • Please rest assured that some of our best (and best received/most engaging) interviews have been captured using this method.

Details – self shoot

Increasingly, some of our more media-savvy interviewees have access to their own studios (or home office set up) with high end camera, sound and lighting. If this applies to you, please let us know immediately as for remote interviews, this will give us the best quality footage. We’ll have some questions to ask you (including whether a colleague shoots you, or you do this yourself), we will need to confirm some technical requirements, and we’ll likely dial in to interview you via video call or audio. You then send the footage (all of it, unedited) to us via upload link. Please note, to maintain editorial integrity, we must have the full set of footage.

Pre-interview meeting

We often (but not always) ask for a pre-interview meeting, to gain further understanding of our interviewees, well ahead of the proposed interview. This pre-interview also often helps us to prioritise filming sessions for various series so that we are capturing the right combination of people at the right time. It also sometimes leads us to editing your content into a different series than intended.

Preparing for the interview

It may seem obvious, but based on experience, the following guidelines do help some people:

  • Please be ready ahead of time – allow 10/15 minutes before the interview
  • Check your hair, clothes and teeth (!) beforehand – please be happy with your appearance
  • If we are interviewing you remotely, online:
    • please have a strong, secure internet connection
    • ensure that you are in a room which does not sit next to noise (traffic, noisy colleagues, the lift well)
    • try and frame yourself against a nice backdrop (something neutral/simple)
    • do not use virtual backgrounds (such as available on Zoom)
    • no over-the-top branding please – we’ll add information about where you are from
  • No need to prepare significantly:
    • You already know the subject matter very well. We will not deviate from this.
    • No notes please, and certainly no scripted answers. You wouldn’t do this for the BBC, CNN, TVNZ or any other channel. Please don’t do this for us.
    • We will start with a general chat/warm up.
  • Please don’t feel the need to tense up. We will conduct this as a relaxed interview.