Thank you for agreeing to be involved in a yBC editorial opportunity. You may have been interviewed by us before, or perhaps you’ve been involved in some other editorial format with us. We are aware that we have very specific methodology, production timeframes and distribution strategies. In confirming the interview data and time and completing the interview with us, you are subject to the following terms, which we have found over the years provide both you and us with clarity from the outset.

  1. Editorial: This is an editorial opportunity with yBC.
  2. Format: The format will be agreed with you in advance. Our three most frequent formats are 1:1 interview (which can either be produced as in video or audio formats, or both) and yBC Symposium (an online panel discussion, recorded live, with elements subsequently edited in). However, we do work in other formats.
  3. “Interview”: Within these terms, the use of the work “interview” is interchangeable with other yBC editorial formats including, but not limited to, symposia, round tables, podcasts and recorded discussions.
  4. Methodology: We will follow yBC’s usual editorial methodology, which is in line with best practice journalism. Editorial opportunities will be conducted professionally and ethically. More information about how we interview is found on our interview FAQ page, and for a yBC symposium on this page. If in doubt, please ask.
  5. yBC is not expecting payment: We are not asking for any payment or compensation for shooting, producing or publishing the interview, now or in the future.
  6. You are not expecting payment: You do not expect any payment or compensation for the interview, now or in the future.
  7. Right of veto: At any time during the interview you can indicate that something you’ve just said should not be published. In other words, you can instantly veto any section of the interview which you are not happy with, and we will respect that.
  8. Editorial control: Once the interview is finished, yBC has full editorial control, much as any other news or editorial channel would do. We make edit decisions and they are final.
  9. Viewing interviews: We intend to show you the completed interview clips as a courtesy soon after we have finished editing, and before publication. However, failure to do so (which would not be deliberate) does not forfeit our control or ownership of the footage, nor does it alter the terms you have accepted.
  10. Use of interviews: You are very welcome to an embeddable video clip or entire playlist, which we are happy to provide to you. We take no responsibility if your web platform is incompatible with video embeds.
  11. Ownership: yBC owns the base footage and the edited videos absolutely, in perpetuity, with no restriction. This extends to all visuals and audio contained within the footage, and any transcription we create of the interview at any time. If you supply footage to us (because you have shot the interview in-house on your own equipment), we have full ownership of the copy you have provided us, as if it was the only version.
  12. Attribution: the source interviews will be attributed to you, with the possible exception of promotional material which may include short video or audio segments or still images, where attribution is not practical.
  13. Base footage: yBC will never release the base/raw footage to anyone, including interviewees. This has been our blanket policy for over 15 years.
  14. No obligation to amend or publish: We are under no obligation to re-edit the video footage in any way in the future for any reason, including if your position title or organisation name changes. We also make no promises as to the extent of publication, promotion or viewership.
  15. Publication and sharing: yBC may publish your interview in whole or part, in isolation or alongside other interviewees, on any of yBC’s channels, platforms or websites, including yBC’s YouTube channel and social media platforms, and via embeds with publication partners (current or future). Further, we may share the content with partners or collaborators whose audience we deem to be aligned with our objectives for the content. You agree to yBC having sole discretion as to how this is shared. You acknowledge that publication and sharing includes via social media channels. Our high level aim is to engage viewers and reach new audiences, and this is largely achieved through other peoples’s networks.
  16. Disclaimer: yBC expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to any implied warranty or condition of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement with respect to any materials or content provided by yBC to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing and for greater certainty, yBC makes no warranty that any web sites, web services, publication platforms products or services will be available or will function without interruption or error or that any results, including without limitation, any specific revenues, will be obtained or generated from this agreement.
  17. Limitation of liability: In no event shall yBC be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, exemplary or punitive damages (including without limitation any damages for loss of business, profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses) whether foreseeable or not, arising out or relating to this agreement, or any services (including without limitation marketing services, hosting services, consultancy services and design services) provided by yBC under this agreement, whether based in contract (including without limitation fundamental breach), statute, tort (including without limitation negligence in any degree or misrepresentation) or other theory of liability, even if yBC has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  18. Confirmation of interview confirms acceptance: In confirming your interview with us – whether directly or via an employee or agent – you are confirming acceptance of these Terms of Interview.
  19. Applicable law and interpretation: these terms of business, and any agreement between the parties to which they apply, shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.Our Terms of Interview may be updated from time to time to ensure compliance with applicable laws or changes to the media industry. Any updates will be published here and are effective from the date the revised terms first appear on this website, or yBC’s main website ( where previous versions of these terms will be recorded as well.
  20. How to contact us: You will already have contact details for key people at yBC. If there are any issues, please reach out to us. Communication is key. If you have lost these details, find them here.

If you have further detailed questions, try our various FAQ pages as follows: