Double digit industry beating campaign results

We’re probably not as good as we should be at blowing our own trumpets – largely because we don’t have time to draw breath. Once again, we’ve achieved some incredible results for a client, and this time I’m taking the time to share the good news.

In short, we ran two campaigns for our client. They were email campaigns targeting C-level executives in a very fast moving, competitive industry. To put it in context, these are people who struggle to keep up with their emails, let alone have time to explore new opportunities. We put together two video marketing campaigns aimed at getting our client some attention. Once again, we proved that video, executed well, can work wonders.

On the first campaign we achieved open rates of 54.4%. That’s almost unheard of in 2011, and is significantly above the industry average of 10.6% for our client’s industry. Even on the second campaign which achieved a less exciting open rate, 39.6% is still worth popping corks about.

These campaigns were measured against literally millions of campaign emails in the same industry, and I’ve included screen grabs below to show that I am not delusional.

Attention all CMO's - you might want some of this!
Or even this?

The great thing about these campaigns is that while the open rates were very high indeed, even the click through rates were massive (29.7% and 29.5% against an industry average of 3.3%).  Which of course led to just the right result for our client!

Do we promise that we’ll exceed industry averages by a factor of almost ten times for all of our clients?  No, because we don’t like to over-promise.  But we are can say for sure that …

  • We frequently surpass objective industry averages (where they exist), or “best practice results” with our campaigns
  • Video still remains a key factor in the success of many of our campaigns
  • Also key to our success is that the client trusts us, and lets us develop a campaign which is not overly restricted by “rules” (but yes, we understand that we also have to be careful not to upset the share price).
  • Our “little secret” is that the video has to be punchy, engaging and very well produced
  • Because of all of this, we offer yBC’s ROI guarantee on all significant projects

Let me know if we can help you make a splash!