Risk Conversations platform maps risk culture

The yBC tech team developed a cloud application called Risk Conversations – giving organisations a new way to analyse their risk by mapping and rating conversations about risk through the org chart and across functions and verticals.

Enterprise projects included a resource company, a transport infrastructure provider, and a classified energy supplier.

onnection chart dark Icons differentiated

The exciting collaboration was with AndersonRisk, set up by Richard Anderson, which offers consultation and training in risk management. Richard Anderson is a former Chairman of the Institute of Risk Management. He is trained as a Chartered Accountant and led PwC’s Strategic Risk group in Europe Middle East and Africa.

yBC’s analytics tool was used to asses businesses risk culture conversations in some organisations and the results applied to resolve real business risk problems. The aim is to give business a tangible way to look at their risk culture and inform future business decisions. For AndersonRisk, the platform gave them a unique way to map risk, and deliver analysis and advice.

A video and product website were produced to communicate the offering to enterprise clients.