24 Hours in South America

Diligent Boardbooks is helping executives in South America run more efficient board meetings

yBC is heading to South America as part of a project with global client Diligent Boardbooks.The team will be in Lima, Peru literally for 24 hours, to film interviews with two executives about efficient board meetings.

This is part of an ongoing series of content that yBC is developing for Diligent. Last year the project involved trips to Montreal, Boston and New York. yBC has also shot interviews for Diligentin the UK and the Netherlands.

Diligent Boardbooks produces software that allows companies to manage documents and board meeting materials through a portal on their digital devices, so that they can run efficient board meetings.

yBC will interview business executives in both English and Spanish to find out exactly why the product works for them. The videos produced will be used by Diligent’s business development team and will be shown at conferences and exhibitions to help demonstrate the real impact that the product has on boards of directors who use them.