New service launched to increase engagement despite Covid-19

In our new normal, all businesses will be heavily restricted with events and meetings. This will fundamentally change how organisations use content to build and maintain relationships.

Research shows that episodic, multi-topic, binge-worthy content performs way better than other content types: think video series, mini-documentaries, podcasts, information bulletins, digital briefings…  These formats enable you to build a regular 100% owned, fully engaged audience.

yBC’s new service, Sabio, developed towards the end of 2019 and launched early 2020, could not have come at a better time for organisations needing to fundamentally rethink their content marketing campaigns.

Sabio enables our clients to capture content more like a media company would do for business news. Think Bloomberg or the BBC. We shoot interviews or capture audio with your leaders as an independent, external voice. No scripts. No heavy handed messaging. Interviews are then packaged into regular, thematic, releases.  This leads to flexible, multi-use, episodic content.

CEO Mark Sinclair says: “Sabio delivers exactly what our clients are suddenly needing a lot more of – enabling them to capture multiple stories, perspectives and themes within their organisation, and then use these as building blocks for content all along the sales cycle.  The service is nimble, flexible and cost effective.  Best of all, we can deliver it to any of our clients, anywhere in the world.”

You can read more about Sabio in this case study here.