yBC announces new “ReThink” channel

As digital engagement specialists, we’re just a little bit more than excited to announce the launch of a new online channel to help organisations navigate the impacts of Covid-19.  The world has certainly changed, almost overnight, and for many, the next few months and weeks are going to be very challenging.

With these massive challenges in mind, the question is: how should business react? What is actually going to work?

Of course, we don’t have the answers, but others do.

“ReThink” is being launched to help organisations and communities pick out the best ideas from market leaders, academics, high performance sports people and others, and deploy them in their own industry, field or location – fast.

James Kirk, yBC’s head of production explains: “Think of it a bit like TED talks, but for implementable business, leadership and performance techniques. You are not spoon fed “the answers” – you choose for yourself.  But the idea is that we bring all of this to you in easily digestable formats.”

Work on ReThink had started in Q4 2019, but with the impacts of Covid-19, the team has pivoted the content slightly to work for a broader audience.  “We really want to have impact not just with our usual client base, but also with communities, industries and groups of people struggling to make sense of all of this,” said James.

More information is available on yBC’s ReThink site, where content will soon start to be published.