ReThink interview team captures 25 new interviews for the Regenerate series

July has been a busy month for the team at ReThink. As well as the 25 international interviews which have started to roll out via the ReThink Regenerate series, the team has been busy with editorial shoots in Wānaka and and Dunedin, New Zealand.

Expect to hear from Upper Clutha locals like Ben Taylor, chair of Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust, getting peoples’ hands in the soil whilst regenerating native Beech forest, Professor James Higham who specialises in Tourism at the University of Otago and has very clear perspectives on where New Zealand Tourism needs to go, his colleague Professor Hugh Campbell whose focus in agriculture and food systems and some of the challenges and opportunities we face and Jonelle Dunlop about what one Wānaka based building company is doing to reduce its carbon footprint within the construction industry.

ReThink’s Managing Editor, Mark Sinclair, says that he is delighted with the new content which will soon be published. “We’re grateful to the team at WAO for introducing us to so many committed and talented people, and these interviews have been superb. Our aim is to inspire and enable people throughout New Zealand and further afield, and I have no doubt that viewers will find the case studies and academic viewpoints fascinating.” He says that this brings the interviewee count for the series to 50 people.

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