Never been so animated

Over the last 10 to 15 years, it has become increasingly hard to get attention in almost every market. Consumers have been suffering information overload and there are so many platforms, media format and channels, that some marketers are finding it really hard to get cut through.

We’re constantly working with clients to keep ahead of this problem. Recently, we’ve been finding that animated content – properly produced and used in the right ways – is working really well. This is even the case in the significantly changed business environment we find ourselves in.

But we’re also conscious that for many, it’s expensive and can take a long time to develop.

So we’ve invented a media-style approach to create animated content for clients rapidly – so that they can feed and develop their audience. The results have been superb. In fact, they’ve surpassed even our projections.

By way of example, we’ve just delivered a project to AXA Investment Managers, producing a suite of six x 120 second videos for a very acceptable budget. We planned, scripted and produced these in two batches, and then we’ve gone on to do multilingual versions. And our clients have kept coming back for more.

Take a look at our animation showreel, which we will update shortly when we can find a gap in between animation projects! A nice “problem” to have!