Taking market research to a whole new level

One of the biggest challenges brands faced – and always have – is market insight. When expanding into a new market, launching a new product or service, or even trying to grow sales with an existing client base, insight is absolutely key. It can be the difference between “achieving some growth” and absolutely “nailing it”.

Yet finding out new, strategically valuable information in a competitive market is hard. People often resist research. The days of hiring a group of telemarketers to phone around an industry or a geographic location are over. Surveys are a dime a dozen, and people are more and more reluctant to hand out their information for you to process and analyse.

Don’t despair – we’ve got good news.

For the last few years, we’ve been building a completely new methodology to help our clients do three things: 1) connect with more of the right people, 2) uncover new industry insights and 3) publish the most valued content in their field. The second part of this – uncovering new industry insights – is proprietary to yBC, and it is getting astonishing results.

Buyer Persona Triangulation – or BPT for short – is a process whereby we gather deep, valuable and unique information from your target market, and the people we talk to are very happy to share. Our methodology means that in doing so, everyone benefits – including the people from whom we are receiving the information.

Our Buyer Persona Triangulation methodology has this month led to one of our key clients – a very significant global consulting company – gaining insights that it would otherwise have had no access to at all. The feedback has been excellent, and the insights have not just helped the marketing team, but the CSO (and his sales team) and the CEO and their executive team.