yBC partners with Ecademy to spread digital mindset

If you haven’t yet heard about Ecademy’s Digital School, here’s hoping you soon will have.

It’s the latest initiative from yourBusinessChannel’s close collaborators Thomas and Penny Power (founders of ecademy.com), who are making it their mission not just to spread the word about digital business, but to actively help people develop a digital mindset and learn the skills they need to function in the new economy.

I’m proud to say yBC is a partner in this initiative, which aims to create an army of credible, certified Digital Coaches who will head out to help people get their heads around social media in a way that’s practical for small business, and indeed enterprise. In my view, there are dozens and dozens of ways in which Digital Coaches – good ones – will be able to carve out a niche, and add lots of value to their clients – and ultimately help grow the economy.

It’s yet another sign of how mainstream social media is truly becoming that it’s not just young “gurus” who are taking up this line of work, but people from all age groups and business backgrounds, who genuinely want to help others.

If you’d like to find out more about what the Digital School is all about, visit http://www.ecademydigitalschool.com/