Connie Bensen, yBC’s reporter at Blogworld

This month the big news in social media marketing is Blogworld, the world’s largest social media conference, and it’s happening in Las Vegas over the next few days. For the many people who can’t make the event, the good news is that yourBusinessChannel has got its very own insider and she’ll be keeping us posted with all the details worth knowing.

Our guest reporter is Connie Bensen, Director of Community Strategy at yBC’s client Alterian, a panelist at the event, and a very savvy social media marketer. Among Connie’s many claims to fame is the fact that she was one of the team who grew SM2 creator Techrigy 840% in the nine months immediately prior to its acquisition by Alterian in July 2009. At Alterian, Connie drives the company’s global social media activity with inspirational amounts of insight and enthusiasm.

All this is a long way of saying that Connie is very plugged in to social media – from a business and technology perspective. And as someone who’s been high profile in the business for a very long time, she’s got a great set of contacts across the globe – many of whom will also be at Blogworld and its accompanying business summit.

Connie, we are very much looking forward to your posts.