Eiffel Tower in Paris Skyline at Dawn

yBC works with global hospitality specialists in Paris

yBC is starting work on its next project with Horwath HTL, which will increase the global hospitality specialist’s business development content.

This weekend the yBC team from Hamburg, Brighton, and Bristol will converge on Paris to continue work with Horwath HTL and Crowe Horwath International.

The team will be there for four days filming interviews, helping develop material, and working on other projects.

Horwath HTL provides consulting and advisory services for the hospitality industry and is the largest specialist consulting network in this sector, with 50 offices in 39 countries. Last year yBC launched a global website for Horwath HTL as part of a series of projects with the organisation.

The website details Horwath HTL’s products and services and shows the global hospitality specialist’s expertise through commentary videos featuring Horwath executives, which were produced by yBC. The site also includes editorial video clips, filmed by yBC, from Directors who have worked with Horwath.