Digital conversations analysis at global summit in Berlin

yBC is joining a collection of expert speakers and business representatives at a global energy summit in Berlin early next week. yBC’s Mark Sinclair will be in Berlin to give a presentation on digital conversations and engagement to representatives from companies in the energy and resources sectors.

Mark addressed a similar meeting last year, when he presented online engagement strategies in Budapest, based on work yBC had undertaken in Australia earlier in the year.  Since that presentation 12 months ago, anti-development campaigns around the world have intensified yet further and have had a noticeable impact on public perceptions and political priorities.

yBC was invited to share its expertise around digital conversations and propose a series of strategies that delegates could consider employing to add their voice to the conversations about energy and resources, but without spin or defensiveness.  As Mark said in his presentation, “it’s about offering balanced information into the discussion, and letting people decide for themselves.”

This year Mark’s presentation draws from results across multiple projects which emphasise the strength and effectiveness of engagement platforms. It also analyses the impact of third party campaigns on the sector, many of which have successfully driven the direction of digital conversations through online platforms and social media.